Single Use Plastic FREE Foundation
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The Single Use Plastic FREE Foundation (SUP FREE) is a movement of individuals and businesses that have one thing in common. To go single use plastic free by 2021. We are the official organisation to get certification for Single Use Plastic FREE (SUP FREE) products.
The Single Use Plastic FREE Foundation is a not for profit organisation based in the United Kingdom that promotes and encourages individuals and companies to eliminate Single Use Plastic, in particular by promoting and licensing the 100% No Single Use Plastic trademark.

This is a guarantee that products retailed in the UK have been produced in accordance with internationally agreed Single Use Plastic Free (SUP FREE) standards.

Funds raised are invested in other charities to reduce plastics going to land fill and plastics in our oceans.

Its four key areas of activity include:

  • Providing independent certification for products, and licensing use of the Single Use Plastic FREE (SUP FREE) trademark on products as a consumer guarantee.

  • Growing demand for Single Use Plastic FREE (SUP FREE) products

  • Working with other charities to raise awareness and reduce single use plastics.

  • Raising awareness of the need for Single Use Plastic FREE (SUP FREE) with the general public